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Once you click "Buy Now," you can either pay through Paypal or, below "Next," select "Pay With Debit or Credit Card"

How to Stream on your Smart Devices:

For tablets, computers and lap tops, just click on the link that will be emailed to you and put in the password.


For smart TVs:


Mirroring on iPhones:

  • Turn on the TV.  Turn on the phone to the Home Screen. 

  • Swipe from the top right corner to the CENTER of the screen.  This will open onto the functions page.  Click on SCREEN MIRRORING.  Your TV will turn black.

  • Click on the TV model number that comes up.

  • Touch the top of the screen to get back to the functions page.

  • Swipe from the bottom up to get back to the main screen. 

  • Open the email and click on the link. Add the password.  The play should come up.  Tilt the phone to the side and widen with your fingers to see the full screen.

  • Adjust volume on your TV remote.


Mirroring on Galaxy and other phones:

  • Turn on the TV.  Go to the email on your phone and open the link.

  • Click Smart View.  It finds your TV model number. 

  • Click on that, and then click Allow.


For any questions, contact Sydney Blake at 914-282-5129

or youngpilgrimstheplay@gmail.com

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